Liz O'Brien

Liz O'Brien


Margaux + Izzy is about unique, contemporary pattern design and is interested in licensing agreements, buyouts and design collaborations.

Founder, Liz O’Brien has nearly 23 years of experience in the creative industry as an artist, art director and product developer. She has sold successful designs and products for a larger stationery and gifting manufacturer for 17 years, selling to clients such as Target, TJ Maxx, Michaels, Nordstrom and Indigo Stores as well as designing products for boutique lines such as Papyrus, Mara-Mi and Vivian Claire. 

She has extensive experience building brands, developing products and producing trend right pattern and design through distinct color and form and possesses a unique ability to integrate creative vision, product development and design with strategic thinking that connects with the target audience. 

Areas of Expertise:
• Creative Design + Art Direction
• Illustration + Painting
• Art and Pattern Development
• Product Development
• Branding + Identity Systems
• Trend Research + Identifying
• Photography Direction

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